Practitioners with over 60 years experience, Dr. Stephen Danna and Dr. Michael Homenick share personal stories on behavioral therapy and classroom practice that underpin the latest research on cognition and neuroscience. “Our entries are written for parents, educators, and others seeking understanding on human behavior, teaching, and learning. We present the story, basic science, and implications for practice in each post, and hope readers finds our entries engaging and relevant. We know we will have found success if our writings help parents and practitioners find common ground for student growth and well-being.”

Dr. Stephen Danna is Dean of the SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Branch Campus. Stephen has 28 years experience in P-20 teaching and administration, and prior to that, worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office as an oceanographer.  Dr. Danna has received teaching fellowships from Princeton University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Drew University, and was honored in 1997 with the National Science Teachers Association’s Exemplary High School Science Teaching Award. Stephen has published papers in the Journal of School Development, The Science Teacher, Journal of School Leadership, The Reading Teacher, and Phi Delta Kappan. When not working, Dr. Danna recreates within the Adirondack blue line with his wife and friend of 27 years, Laura. Follow him on twitter: @StephenDanna.